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The Real Estate Takeoff

Jan 11, 2021

Everyone loves to see an entrepreneur go all-in on a new business and succeed, which is exactly while you’ll love today’s guest Savannah Arroyo. Savannah got started in multifamily investing in 2020 when she syndicated her first apartment deal, a 12-unit in Oregon. 

Savannah comes on the show to tell her unique story of starting as a full-time nurse, to becoming the “Networth Nurse” and buying deals out of state. She went from self-learning through books and podcasts, to joining a mentorship program, to reaching out to brokers on the other side of the country. 

We break down her very first deal in fine detail and learn how she was able to raise the money, what her business plan is, how the plan has been unfolding, and what her exit strategy is. 

If you’re just now breaking out in the apartment investing business this is not an episode you want to miss.